As far as we are aware, Biosphere Expeditions is the only organisation in the world that has a direct and transparent link between the work done by citizen scientists and an expedition report. Each expedition year is matched by an expedition report for that year, which deals with the two main areas that expedition participants contribute to: funding and data collection. Chapter 1 of each report, written by Biosphere Expeditions, reviews the expedition logistics and publishes an expedition budget, which shows in a clear and transparent way income and expenditure for each expedition and the percentage of income spent on the project. Chapter 2 onwards, written by the expedition scientist, shows who collected what data, how they were analysed, what the conclusions were, as well as the conservation recommendations and actions flowing from this, and what future expeditions should do. In this way, each expedition comes full circle for its participants.

Please note that publication usually takes six months to one year from the expedition's return date.

pdf Altai 2003 (snow leopard) 880.00 Kb
pdf Altai 2004 (snow leopard) 2.04 Mb
pdf Altai 2005 (snow leopard) 1.82 Mb
pdf Altai 2006 (snow leopard) 2.84 Mb
pdf Altai 2007 (snow leopard) 3.75 Mb
pdf Altai 2008 (snow leopard) 2.52 Mb
pdf Altai 2009 (snow leopard) 5.80 Mb
pdf Altai 2010 (snow leopard) 2.05 Mb
pdf Altai 2011 (snow leopard) 2.21 Mb

pdf Amazonia 2001 (macaws & biodiversity) 1.00 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2002 (macaws & biodiversity) 407.50 Kb
pdf Amazonia 2003 (macaws & biodiversity) 426.13 Kb
pdf Amazonia 2005 (macaws & biodiversity) 2.07 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2006 (macaws & biodiversity) 1.75 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2008 (macaws & biodiversity) 3.60 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2009 (macaws & biodiversity) 4.94 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2011 (primates, cats & biodiversity) 4.71 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2012 (primates, cats & biodiversity) 3.11 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2013 (primates, cats & biodiversity) 1.95 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2014 (primates, cats & biodiversity) 1.19 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2015 (primates, cats & biodiversity) 2.50 Mb
pdf Amazonia 2016 (primates, cats, parrots & biodiversity) 3.23 Mb

pdf Arabia 2012 (Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat et al.) 2.17 Mb
pdf Arabia 2013 (Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat et al.) 4.00 Mb
pdf Arabia 2014 (Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat et al.) 8.30 Mb
pdf Arabia 2015 (Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat et al.) 9.98 Mb
pdf Arabia 2016 (Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat et al.) 3.83 Mb
pdf Arabia 2017 (Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat et al.) 6.43 Mb
pdf Arabia 2018 (Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat et al.) 6.48 Mb

pdf Azores 2004 (whales & dolphins) 313.16 Kb
pdf Azores 2005 (whales & dolphins) 1.84 Mb
pdf Azores 2006 (whales & dolphins) 2.54 Mb
pdf Azores 2007 (whales & dolphins) 1.67 Mb
pdf Azores 2008 (whales & dolphins) 3.35 Mb
pdf Azores 2009 (whales & dolphins) 1.27 Mb
pdf Azores 2010 (whales & dolphins) 3.39 Mb
pdf Azores 2011 (whales & dolphins) 2.51 Mb
pdf Azores 2012 (whales & dolphins) 4.32 Mb
pdf Azores 2013 (whales & dolphins) 2.39 Mb
pdf Azores 2014 (whales & dolphins) 3.60 Mb
pdf Azores 2015 (whales & dolphins) 4.99 Mb
pdf Azores 2016 (whales & dolphins) 6.53 Mb
pdf Azores 2018 (whales & dolphins) 7.03 Mb

pdf Azores 2019 (whales & dolphins) 9.08 Mb

pdf Brazil 2006 (jaguar & puma) 3.51 Mb
pdf Brazil 2007 (jaguar & puma) 5.50 Mb
pdf Brazil 2008 (jaguar & puma) 5.12 Mb
pdf Brazil 2010 (jaguar & puma) 4.05 Mb
pdf Brazil 2011 (jaguar & puma) 4.47 Mb

pdf Caprivi 2008 (human/predator conflict) 1.68 Mb

pdf Costa Rica 2016 (sea turtles) 2.69 Mb 
pdf Costa Rica 2017 (sea turtles) 1.86 Mb 
pdf Costa Rica 2018 (sea turtles) 3.34 Mb
pdf Costa Rica 2019 (sea turtles) 2.53 Mb

pdf Germany 2017 (wolf) 14.60 Mb
pdf Germany 2018 (wolf) 17.30 Mb

pdf Germany 2019 (wolf) 4.42 Mb

pdf Honduras 2006 (coral reef) 941.79 Kb
pdf Honduras 2007 (coral reef) 2.09 Mb
pdf Honduras 2008 (coral reef) 3.35 Mb
pdf Honduras 2009 (coral reef) 4.64 Mb
pdf Honduras 2011 (coral reef) 5.44 Mb

pdf Kenya 2019 (African biodiversity) 4.81 Mb

pdf Malawi 2018 (African biodiversity) 14.38 Mb

pdf Malaysia 2012 (coral reef) 2.78 Mb
pdf Malaysia 2013 (coral reef) 2.54 Mb
pdf Malaysia 2016 (coral reef) 5.28 Mb

pdf Maldives 2011 (coral reef & whale shark) 3.17 Mb
pdf Maldives 2012 (coral reef & whale shark) 5.64 Mb
pdf Maldives 2013 (coral reef & whale shark) 3.95 Mb

pdf Maldives 2014 (coral reef & whale shark) 8.79 Mb
pdf Maldives 2015 (coral reef & whale shark) 12.31 Mb
pdf Maldives 2016 (coral reef & whale shark) 4.33 Mb
pdfMaldives 2017 (coral reef & whale shark) 5.71 Mb
pdfMaldives 2018 (coral reef & whale shark) 10.91 Mb 

pdf Musandam 2009 (coral reef) 1.38 Mb
pdf Musandam 2010 (coral reef) 1.26 Mb
pdf Musandam 2011 (coral reef) 1.21 Mb
pdf Musandam 2012 (coral reef) 1.28 Mb
pdf Musandam 2013 (coral reef) 6.98 Mb

pdf Musandam 2014 (coral reef) 8.40 Mb
pdf Musandam 2015 (coral reef) 4.32 Mb
pdf Musandam 2016 (coral reef) 4.67 Mb

pdf Namibia 2002 (big cats) 622.72 Kb
pdf Namibia 2003 (big cats) 397.41 Kb
pdf Namibia 2004 (big cats) 986.44 Kb
pdf Namibia 2005 spring (big cats) 1.56 Mb
pdf Namibia 2005 autumn (big cats) & 2006 7.43 Mb
pdf Namibia 2007 (big cats) 10.80 Mb
pdf Namibia (Caprivi) 2008 (human/predator conflict) 1.68 Mb
pdf Namibia 2010/2011 (big cats) 13.82 Mb
pdf Namibia 2012 (big cats & elephants) 11.00 Mb
pdf Namibia 2013 (big cats & elephants) 7.52 Mb
pdf Namibia 2014 (leopard) 4.22 Mb

pdf Oman 2006 & 2007 (Arabian leopard) 2.44 Mb
pdf Oman 2008 (Arabian leopard) 5.00 Mb

pdf Oman 2009 & 2010 (Arabian leopard) 2.66 Mb
pdf Oman 2011 (Arabian leopard) 3.48 Mb

pdf Poland 2000 & 2001 (wolves) 429.82 Kb

pdf Scotland 2013 (cetaceans) 2.51 Mb

pdf Slovakia 2004 (chamois, wolf, bear) 1.45 Mb
pdf Slovakia 2005 & 2006 (chamois, wolf, bear) 3.44 Mb
pdf Slovakia 2010 (lynx & wolf) 1.23 Mb

pdf Slovakia 2012 (lynx & wolf) 10.23 Mb
pdf Slovakia 2013 (lynx, bear, wolf & wildcat) 4.11 Mb
pdf Slovakia 2014 (lynx, bear, wolf & wildcat) 18.41 Mb
pdf Slovakia 2015 (lynx, bear, wolf & wildcat) 12.64 Mb

pdf Slovakia 2016 (lynx, bear, wolf & wildcat) 19.74 Mb

pdf South Africa 2015 (leopard, caracal et al.) 3.52 Mb
pdf South Africa 2016 (leopard, tortoises, bats, birds et al.) 10.20 Mb
pdf South Africa 2017 (leopard, other mammals, honeybush) 7.09 Mb

pdf Spain 2008 (lammergeier) 2.73 Mb

pdf Sri Lanka 2005 (elephant) 3.39 Mb

pdf Sumatra 2015 (tiger) 5.40 Mb
pdf Sumatra 2016 (tiger) 6.21 Mb

pdf Sweden 2019 (bear) 7.83 Mb

pdf Thailand 2017 (elephant) 2.80 Mb 
pdf Thailand 2018 (elephant) 6.72 Mb  

pdf Tien Shan 2014 (snow leopard) 6.82 Mb
pdf Tien Shan 2015 (snow leopard) 17.11 Mb
pdf Tien Shan 2016 (snow leopard) 13.00 Mb
pdf Tien Shan 2017 (snow leopard) 24.39 Mb     
pdf Tien Shan 2018 (snow leopard) 23.88 Mb  

pdf Ukraine 2001 (wolves & migratory birds) 1.24 Mb
pdf Ukraine 2002 (wolves & migratory birds) 2.42 Mb
pdf Ukraine 2003 (wolves & migratory birds) 1.44 Mb

pdf Western Australia 2010 (flatback turtle) 3.27 Mb
pdf Western Australia 2011 (flatback turtle) 1.71 Mb

pdf Alves, F., Alessandrini, A., Servidio, A., Mendonça, A., Hartman, K., Prieto, R., Berrow, S., Magalhães, S., Steiner, L., Santos, R., Ferreira, R., Pérez, J., Ritter, F., Dinis, A., Martín, V., Silva, M., de Soto, N. (2019) Complex biogeographical patterns support an ecological connectivity network of a large marine predator in the north- east Atlantic. Diversity and Distributions 25: 269–284. 813.50 Kb 

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