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Biosphere Expeditions conservation projects: non-profit / charity status of our offices around the world

Non-profit / charity set-up worldwide

Biosphere Expeditions is a registered non-profit / charity organisation in these countries.


In Ireland Biosphere Expeditions Ltd. is a non-profit organisation registered in Dublin, registration number 601133.


In the UK Biosphere Expeditions Ltd. is a non-profit organisation registered in England, registration number 3906154.


In Germany Biosphere Expeditions e.V. is a non-profit organisation registered with the local court of Würzburg, registration number VR 200383.

Der Biosphere Expeditions e.V. ist ein eingetragener gemeinnütziger Verein eingetragen im Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Würzburg, Registernummer VR 200383.


In France Biosphere Expeditions is a non-profit organisation registered with the Prefecture of Paris, registration number 05/3750, file number 00172675.

Biosphere Expeditions est une association à but non lucratif enregistrée à la Préfecture de Paris sous le numéro d'ordre 05/3750 et numéro de dossier 00172675.

North America

In North America, Biosphere Expeditions Inc. is registered as both an IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation, EIN 72-1614948, and a Florida domestic non-profit Corporation, Document Number N06000004396.


In Australia Biosphere Expeditions Inc. is an incorporated non-profit charity association registered in the State of Victoria, incorporation number A004912Y, ABN 24002831061.


A non-profit organisation is a non-commercial entity, which is not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit. Instead, it operates to serve a public or greater good. Any net earnings by a non-profit organisation are used by the organisation for the purposes for which it was established. A non-profit organisation cannot issue shares and cannot pay dividends. > more on Wikipedia

A charitable organisation or charity is a type of non-profit organisation. It differs from other types of non-profit organisations in that it centers on non-profit and philanthropic goals as well as social well-being (e.g. charitable, environmental, educational, religious, or other activities serving the public interest or common good). The legal definition of charitable organisation (and of charity) varies according to the country and in some instances the region of the country in which the charitable organisation operates. > more on Wikipedia

In Biosphere Expeditions' case the greater good is wildlife conservation projects. Having registered non-profit / charity status means that you can rest assured that all income generated through expedition contributions, sponsorship and other means is used exclusively for the purpose of conservation projects.

Tax and fundraising

Because Biosphere Expeditions is a registered non-profit / charity organisation in many countries, there may be options to get your employer to support your conservation work with us and/or receive personal tax benefits.