This turtle, dolphin & whale conservation volunteer expedition to the Azores (Portugal) will take you to the remote and spectacular Azores Archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to study whales, dolphins and loggerhead turtles. You will photograph sperm, blue, fin, Sei, humpback and minke whales, as well as bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins you come across and record them for local and international monitoring databases. You will also listen to whale and dolphin vocalisations. If sea conditions allow, you may also capture loggerhead turtles in the open ocean using nets and then measure, tag and release them as part of an international tagging programme. All this in an effort to elucidate the animals’ life histories and migration patterns across the oceans and assist with the formulation of effective conservation and management strategies. You will spend the day on a modern catamaran research vessel out at sea and your evenings and nights at a comfortable seaside guesthouse in the town of Horta on Faial Island. Join us on this turtle, dolphin & whale volunteer expedition in Portugal (Azores)!

“This whale conservation expedition has been so many things I can’t even begin to describe, but I’m going away with so much passion and enthusiasm to do more to help nature and this planet and its amazing life! I saw so many wonderful creatures of the deep but seeing the blue whale (and about 10 times with some flukes) was the highlight. My respect for this animal and the work that Biosphere Expeditions does for research & conservation is beyond words”  more testimonials