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Placement programme - what is it?

Biosphere Expeditions placements are kindly supported by

Rufford Foundation     Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants     Anglo-Omani Society   Amazonia Expeditions     Vascutek

Biosphere Expeditions is always keen to offer placements on its expeditions. Placements are available on all expeditions, but the number of places available and the time when they are available will vary. Placements are awarded to local people on a competitive basis and preference will be given to applicants who can (1) demonstrate a genuine interest in wildlife conservation or a career in this field and (2) that they will use the experience to the benefit of the expedition country's natural resources, carrying the message to other people and multiplying the effect of their experience. Successful applicants will then take part in the expedition at no cost other than getting themselves to the expedition assembly point. Note that placements are NOT paid positions.


• A strong preference will be given to locals, either a national or resident of the expedition country or from the region. However, we may also consider exceptional applications from non-locals. In any case, travel to the expedition assembly point is never included in a placement and placements are never paid positions.
• Over 18 years of age
• Fluent English
• A genuine interest in wildlife conservation or a career in this field
• After the expedition, the successful applicant will hold two talks or events about his or her experience on the expedition, one to his peer group and one to the general public. The successful applicant will provide proof of these events. One event may be replaced by online activity such as a blog about the experience or a website or a longer social media entry.
• For diving expeditions: qualified diver (minimum PADI Open Water or equivalent)

Application process

1. Research the expedition you are interested in via this website and the time periods it is run over.

2. Make sure you fulfil the requirements above.

3. Submit your application at any time, stating when you would like to take part and why.

4. We will acknowledge your application and may want to interview over the phone or in person. This will be arranged with each applicant individually.

5. We will let you know our decision, usually 3-4 weeks before your expected departure date.

Your application must include

1. A cover letter stating who you are, why we should take you, what the experience would mean for you and how you are going to use it. The cover letter should also describe how you plan to fulfil the requirement of holding two talks or events as described above. Please also state clearly that if chosen, which period of which expedition you would like to join (you can research this on this website and giving more than one of the stated expedition periods is useful). Finally, the cover letter should indicate clearly what your interest in wildlife conservation is.

2. Your CV.

3. A picture of you.

4. For diving expeditions, the application must also include information on your dive qualification and experience.

Please send your application to, clearly stating in the subject line that you are applying for a placement. Only applications by e-mail and in English are accepted.

There is no application deadline and applications are accepted at any time. Final decisions on applications will usually be made 3-4 weeks before the expedition is due to start, but later applications will also be considered.


Placement programme application form


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Expedition you are applying for a placement for *
Preferred dates of your placement (you can list multiple dates and research locations and dates via *
Are you a national and/or resident of the expedition country?
If no, explain why you are an exceptional case and why we should take you on the expedition
Tell us who you are, why we should take you, what the experience would mean for you and how you are going to use it. Also indicate clearly what your interest in wildlife conservation is. (400 words max.)*
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After the expedition, the successful applicants will hold two talks or events about their experience on the expedition, one to his peer group and one to the general public. The successful applicants will provide proof of these events and generate online content about them. Describe how you plan to fulfil these requirements and what kind of proof you will supply. (200 words max.)*
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For diving expeditions, you must be a qualified diver. Give details of your qualification and diving experience here. (100 words max.)
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If you would like to bring anything else to our attention, please do so here. (100 words max.)
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Placement recipients testimonials


Marilia Olio
"I want to say thank you to Biosphere Expeditions for letting me be part of the team. As a student it was a great experience to improve my skills and knowledge about whales and dolphins of the Azores, learning so much with the expedition scientist Lisa Steiner. I am very glad that organisations such as Biosphere Expeditions provide places on the team for students and help them to further their careers. Many thanks for this great experience."
Marilia Olio, Portugal

Elena Shnayder
"The Altai expedition was the best thing that happened to me for my career development. I had waited for a long time to get to this part of the Altai and the expedition gave me the opportunity. Once I saw Chuyskaya Steppe and the great Chikhachova Ridge, I loved them with all my heart, and I became familiar with that place. Next week I will return there, making some bird observation. And from next summer onwards, I start guiding bird-watching tours in that area with Rubythroat Birding Tours. I have found the job of my dreams! And I have to thank you, Biosphere Expeditions, for it!"
Elena Shnayder, Russia

Alexandra Grigorieva
"My name is Alexandra Grigorieva; I'm 19 years old and I study biology in Novosibirsk State University. I was lucky to participate in a research expedition to the Altai mountains, organized by Biosphere Expeditions. The expedition was a great experience for me and gave me many impressions. For example, it was great to meet new people, especially from different countries. Getting the scholarship also gave me confidence in myself - that was really important for me, I now feel like I can achieve a lot. I also had a great experience communicating in English and after the expedition I also started to learn German as there were quite a lot of German-speakers on the expedition too. I also liked a lot the way the research was conducted - hiking all day, recording animals and their signs - it's so different from living in a city. I am very thankful to Biosphere Expeditions and Vascutek for providing me with such an opportunity."
Alexandra Grigorieva, Russia

Badher Al Shehi
"I really learn a lot from taking part in the Musandam coral reef expedition as part of a scholarship. Even though I am a Divemaster, I discovered a lot of new things about Musandam and its marine life. This has helped me a lot in my professional development and I would love to be part of an expedition again."
Badher Al Shehi, Oman

Anke Hofmeister 
"As part of Biosphere Expeditions' staff engagement programme, I participated in Biosphere Expeditions' Musandam coral reef project whilst working for Six Senses in the Maldives. I was so impressed by the way the work was conducted that I suggested that a similar project be set up for Maldivian reefs. Two years and quite a bit of work later, an expedition was set up in the Maldives - a perfect example of a win/win situation for everyone coming out of a staff engagement programme."
Anke Hofmeister, Marine Biologist, Six Senses Resorts & Spas

Rachel Futter 
"The Biosphere/Stormsaver scholarship has not only given me fantastic field experience, but it has also helped give me focus on my future role in Namibian conservation and environmental education. There are very few opportunities like this for young Namibians and graduates, and I hope it can continue."
Rachel Futter, Namibia


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Six Senses and Biosphere Expeditions for giving me this valuable opportunity in developing my knowledge and teaching me how to do reef surveys. I really appreciated this chance to take the initiative and do something for the benefit of my country, the Maldives."
Sharif Hussein, Maldives (left)

"I have got so much out of joining this expedition and would like to thank Biosphere Expeditions for enabling me to develop as a Reef Check trainer. The next step is to train others, develop a Maldives-based Reef Check team and start submitting data from Maldivian sites regularly."
Kate Wilson, Marine Biologist, Soneva Fushi by Six Senses (middle)

"I thank Six Senses and Biosphere Expeditions for this opportunity; for giving me the chance to do something for my country. I am now able to contribute reef survey data from Baa atoll and I am very proud to be a part of it all."
Majid Birahim, Maldives (right)

Evgenia Scherbina
It’s exciting to explore your own country, but there is much more fun to explore it with a group of people, perfectly interested in wild nature and camp life. Travelling with Biosphere Expeditions was not only a wonderful adventure for me, but also getting experience in non-stop regime! The experience of outdoor life in mountains, viewing nature, searching for my own limit of power (one can always go further than one thinks) and communicating with very bright and spirited people who were carried away with all the nature they saw. Biosphere Expeditions gave me an opportunity to take part in scientific research and to see what it looks like. I believe journeys like that help us to understand the world where we live."
Evgenia Scherbina, Russia

Rafil Mohammed
"As a Maldivian PADI Divemaster, this was a privilege and a great opportunity to learn a lot about our native reef eco-systems that I interact with on a day-to-day business and learn a trusted and tried methodological approach to basic reef conservation (i.e. Reef Check data collection)."
Rafil Mohamed, Maldives 

Heidi Richardson
"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have taken part in one of Biosphere Expeditions' projects; it is something that I would not normally have been able to afford to do. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the expedition and believe that I have gained skills in animal identification and knowledge of coral reef survey techniques, as well as getting the chance to improve my diving skills. As the marine environment is an area I am particularly interested in within the field of conservation, the experience of working on coral reefs and of gaining an understanding of the threats they face, as well as an understanding of the potential protection they may receive within Oman, has been really valuable to the career I wish to pursue."
Heidi Richardson, UK


There are no office-based internships available at the moment. Have a look at the expedition placements instead.

Home projects

If you are interested in a placement or simply doing some project work for Biosphere Expeditions on a voluntary basis, then please have a look at the tasks below. If you have your own ideas, then we would like to hear from you too. Please just get in touch with your local office.

Task     Location     Duration

Organise a small-scale get-together in your local area, for past expedition participants and members of the public interested in finding out more about Biosphere Expeditions. If you are interested in this, we have a 'manual' based on the experiences of past events to this type to guide you through the simple process.     In your area     A few hours to organise
Are you a PR or marketing professional? If so, we would love to hear from you to support our efforts. Support in the native English- & German-speaking countries is especially welcome, but also support anywhere else in the world.     Remotely from your home or work place     Open
We are looking for a volunteer accountant in Ireland, the UK and Australia who is able to prepare accounts in statutory format and submit tax returns. We have volunteer accountants in the USA and Germany, who could talk those interested in this volunteering task and what's involved.     Remotely from your home or work place, meeting with Biosphere Expeditions staff once a year     1-2 days per annum
We are also looking for a payroll professional in the UK who can help us with our UK-based staff payroll.     Remotely from your home or work place     No more than 1 hour per month
Does your employer have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme? Has your employer part-funded your expedition participation in the past? Does your employer support employee development? Find out and get in touch with your local office so that we can spread the conservation and sustainability message in your neck of the woods too.     Norwich or remotely from your home     No set duration
Analysis of all social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) of  Biosphere Expeditions’ partners, affiliates etc to determine the level of reciprocation. Biosphere Expeditions will use the data gathered to encourage reciprocation.     Norwich or remotely from your home     2-5 days
Database analysis & creating Excel macros for data truncation, bootstrapping and analysis.     Norwich     2-5 days
Searching the internet and other resources for grant-giving and other bodies who can support Biosphere Expeditions & working with Biosphere Expeditions staff to develop & progress such opportunities.     Remotely from your home     Ongoing & open, but longer-term

1. Tell all your friends about us online and encourage them to join the Biosphere Expeditions Facebook page.

2. If you have been on expedition with us, then tell your local media about your expedition experience. We can help with sample press releases, pictures, high-quality videos, etc. Also blog about your experience in forums, blogs and other social media and upload your favourite group or expedition picture to the Biosphere Expeditions Facebook page, adding a caption telling the story behind it and tagging people in the photo.

    Remotely from your home     About 2 days