Conservation cannot work in isolation. Hearts and minds of local people need to be won in order for conservation measures to be effective. Without the cooperation of the local people, conservation measures are most likely doomed to fail. Biosphere Expeditions is at the forefront of educational efforts and below are just a few examples from some countries we operate in.


Educational activities in Oman

In Oman, we have produced educational materials on Arabian leopards and coral reefs and distributed these to local people as part of educational roadshows, school visits and other events.

pdf Arabian leopard educational book 16.02 Mb
pdf Coral reef educational booklet 3.49 Mb
pdf Sample school presentation 12.40 Mb



We have also held many press conferences and hosted regional press on our expeditions in Oman to increase local awareness about conservation in general and Arabian leopard and coral reef conservation in particular.

pdf Example of local press coverage 1.23 Mb


Finally, we have a placement programme enabling local people to take part in our coral reef conservation expedition and being trained in survey techniques.
Educational activities in Honduras

In Honduras we have produced an educational booklet about coral reefs, their value and how to protect them. These are distributed to schools by our local partners and during our expeditions as part of educational school visits.

pdf Coral reef educational booklet 1.44 Mb

Educational activities in Namibia
In Namibia we have several educational programmes. One is hosting local school children at our expedition base, teaching them about local wildlife and conservation. Another project is sending local school children on week-long educational courses about sustainable living - and we have produced a book to go with this course. We also have a placement programme with local universities and high school for the next generation of conservationists. Finally, we work with the local farmers association, the media and other bodies, delivering talks and lectures on how humans and carnivores can coexist and promoting this topic to journalists.

pdf Sustainable living book 1.78 Mb

Educational activities Maldives
In the Maldives we have produced a coral reef educational booklet for local school children and also have a placement programme, work with the local media, and train local government researchers in coral reef survey techniques.

pdf Coral reef educational booklet 1.99 Mb

Educational activities in the Altai

In the Altai we have worked with local schools on producing a snow leopard information booklet and workbook. We also have a placement programme for local students and researchers and host snow leopard scientists from countries throughout the snow leopard's range on our expedition.