This SCUBA diving expedition will take you to the United Arab Emirates and from there to the remote and mountainous Musandam peninsula of Oman. There you will study the diverse coral reefs fringing the areas where the mountains plunge into the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The reefs boast a rich mixture of beautiful corals and a multitude of fish and other animals. This pioneering long-term study to map this unique underwater environment has already led to the creation of a local NGO (Reef Check Oman) and two protected areas. More such areas are planned and Biosphere Expeditions’ research data is a crucial voice for reefs and their conservation as the government develops the area. Data collection follows an internationally recognised coral reef monitoring programme, called Reef Check and will be used to help encourage government to make informed management and conservation decisions within the area. The expedition includes training as a Reef Check EcoDiver. With this you are also eligible to apply for PADI or NAUI Reef Check Speciality Course certification. Please note that you need to be a fully qualified diver to take part in this expedition (minimum PADI Open Water or equivalent). For the 2 - 8 December group you must also be a fully qualified Reef Check EcoDiver (Indo-Pacific region) to be able to participate (for the 25 November - 1 December group, Reef Check training is part of the expedition). You can also take part in both groups, as you will be a qualified EcoDiver after group 1.

"Oh what an expedition! Are they all like this? I feel lucky to have it as my first. SCUBA diving in Oman is a fantastic experience, but diving on a marine conservation project is another thing. Doing it in such a well-organised, task-oriented, yet friendly and harmonious way wherever we go was a delight. I am pleased to have made this step and look forward to repeating it again." more testimonials