Expedition in cooperation withNABU



This Caucasian leopard, lynx, wolf and bear conservation volunteer expedition to Armenia will take you to the remote, spectacular and beautiful Khustup Mountains in the Zangezur Biodiversity Complex. There you will record leopards, lynx, bears, wolves, ibex, birds and other indicators of biodiversity in an effort to assist local NGOs and authorities in their work of wilderness and wildlife protection. You will be working as part of a small international team from a tent base camp at 1,980 m (where altitude sickness is not an issue). You will be covering ground in the expedition vehicles and on foot, looking for tracks, kills, scats and the animals themselves, and setting camera traps. A true expedition-style base camp, off-road driving and the breathtaking high mountains make this a challenging, but very rewarding expedition. Join us on this Armenia leopard volunteer project!

NB: This is what Lonely Planet has to say about Armenia: "Armenia is one of the safest countries in the region. Health precautions are minimal; just exercise the same type of caution you would if travelling in Europe."  Also, hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh area have flared up since 1988 (and most recently in 2020). Note, however, that the disputed area is well outside Armenian core territory and therefore not near the expedition study site. Access to and from the study site is also not affected or restricted. Furthermore, the expedition study site is in no way under dispute and has never experienced any fighting or been affected by fighting.

“After 40 years experience in the mountains and 20 years of nature conservation volunteering, we have just had two perfect weeks of merging these two and enriching our lives. We have seen breathtaking landscapes, learnt a lot and met like-minded people. Biosphere Expeditions is an extraordinary organisation and our days in the Tien Shan will stay with us forever.”  (Because this is a new expedition with no testimonials yet, this quote is taken from another one of our high mountain expeditions) more testimonials