Biosphere Expeditions is an award-winning wildlife conservation non-profit first and foremost, driven by science and citizen scientists.

With our planet under attack like never before, it is our mission to make, through our citizen science volunteer conservation holidays, an active contribution towards a sustainable biosphere. At Biosphere Expeditions we believe in empowering ordinary people by placing them at the centre of scientific study as wildlife conservation volunteers and by actively involving them out in the field as citizen scientists, where there is conservation work to be done.

We are a member of the IUCN, the UN's Environment Programme and the European Citizen Science Association. Working hand-in-hand with local biologists and communities, we champion change and protect nature. And we succeed - the creation of protected areas on four continents is just one example.

Since 1999 we exist for people who want to make their holiday time count and share in our vision of a healthier, more sustainable planet. Whatever their age or background, our citizen scientists can have an impact and make their voice heard by spending a week or more on a wildlife conservation expedition with us. With us they travel to remote and beautiful places, learn new skills, meet like-minded people from around the world and experience conservation in action. Together - for nature, not profit - we act like our world depends on it. Because it does.

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Please credit all still and moving images © Biosphere Expeditions unless otherwise stated or agreed. Please ask for permission before using any of the material provided below.

You can interview our staff or expedition participants to generate your own story at very low cost, which we can supplement with great imagery for free. Just let us know what you need for your story or news. Alternatively, we can provide you with a story, including great images.

Interviews can be by e-mail, Word document, phone, Skype, etc. Just let us know what works for you.

We can provide cost-effective story boards and pictures via our own writers and photographers, or our pool of freelance photojournalists who have been on expedition with us already. Our pool of freelancers includes photojournalists from several countries, writing in several languages for respected publications such as the BBC, National Geographic Adventure, Die Zeit newspaper, etc. Please just contact us with your requirements.

Biosphere Expeditions does not organise press trips just for members of the media, but integrates journalists, bloggers and film teams into existing expeditions for documentary-style coverage with a more authentic and hands-on feel. If you are interested in attending such a press trip, please read on.


• We are innundated with press trip requests, so by and large we organise press trips with 4-8 weeks advance notice only (which is when flights tend to be cheapest anyway). If we have spaces left on an expedition, we will notify those on our media distribution list 4-8 weeks in advance (join our media distribution list, see example of press trip notification). You can then apply for a place (more information on how to apply is below). In exceptional circumstances, i.e. if your medium has exceptional reach and/or relevance, we will organise press trips more than 8 weeks in advance. If you think this applies to you, please discuss this with us first.

• Only members of the media with existing commissions and/or guaranteed (within reason) publication/screening slots will be invited to join an expedition.

• We do not organise or pay for travel to the expedition country (but will of course host you on the expedition for free).

• We do not offer remuneration in return for coverage as a matter of principle.

• We do not host couples or two person teams except in very rare, exceptional circumstances; you will have a much better chance if only one person applies.

Travel & expenses

Biosphere Expeditions is a non-profit conservation organisation and as such does not offer courtesy flights/transport to the expedition country. As a result, many previous press trippers have used their AirMiles or organised other assignments around an expedition participation. Whatever the case, you will need to fund (or find support for) and make (with our help and support as needed) your own travel arrangements to the assembly point in the host country, just like our expedition participants do. Once you have made it to the in-country assembly point, Biosphere Expeditions will host you and cover all your costs whilst on the expedition. Note that your trip to the assembly point may include you having to organise a night before and/or after the expedition in a hotel. Detailed information about travel to the assembly point and assembly point hotels can be found in the expedition briefing, which you can download on each expedition page.

If you have good contacts with airlines, tourism boards or other sponsors, then there is often scope for getting travel expenses covered. Many previous press trippers have funded their travel in this way, usually through a commission or publication guarantee in a well-known medium. This will have to be organised through your contacts and influence with airlines, tourism board and other sources of support and funding. If we happen to have a useful contact, we will of course help with arranging support, but most likely your contacts will be better than ours.

Length of stay

Expeditions are usually organised in several back-to-back groups of between 7 and 13 days duration. You do not need to stay for the entire length of these groups. However, you should plan your visit to coincide with a normal expedition team's arrival (and you can then leave early; see our expedition overview for exact group dates). This is so that you benefit from the introductions, training and background information given at the beginning of the expedition. We will then make sure that you are rotated through all tasks and activities to give you a comprehensive overview of the expedition. Usually this can be done within four to five days on site. If you then have to leave early, any extra travel arrangements we may have to make for you will be charged to you at cost, as applicable. Please ask if you have any questions about this.

How a press trip is usually organised

1. Join our media distribution list and wait for our press trip notification e-mails, which are sent around 4-8 weeks in advance (see example of a press trip notification), then apply for a place by sending your application to, subject line “Press trip application” (you can download the application form below). In exceptional circumstances, i.e. if your medium has exceptional reach and/or relevance, we will consider organising your press trip more than 8 weeks in advance and you can send in your application at any time. If you think this applies to you, please discuss this with us first.

2. We will let you know whether your application has been successful and, where applicable, whether there are any costs for early transport back, if you requested this. We will also work with you on travel to the assembly point.

3. If and when we have agreed everything, you just sign yourself up to the expedition and book your travel. We will then collect you at the assembly point for your expedition experience.

4. If you need additional images, we can usually help from our stock. Sometimes we can help with video too. If you have additional questions after your return, we will work with you on those too.

5. You let us know when you are published and share pictures/videos with us as agreed.

What Biosphere Expeditions expects in return for making a free expedition place available

• Biosphere Expeditions is mentioned as the organiser in the main body of text

• In addition Biosphere Expeditions is mentioned in any info box there may be with contact details & website

• At least one link to Biosphere Expeditions is placed in all social media and online coverage

• A number of high resolution photographs (exact number to be negotiated) taken by you are made available to Biosphere Expeditions for license-free non-commercial use (website, social media, print material, etc.). Here are some examples of photograps that have been made available to us.

• Wherever possible, a video of your experience is made available to Biosphere Expeditions for license-free non-commercial use (website, social media, print material, etc.). Here is a playlist of videos that have been made available to us.

Application form

If you would like to apply for a press place, please complete this application form and send it to, subject line “Press trip application”.

Any more questions? Please just contact us.

If you want to join our media distribution list to be notified of press trips, receive press releases etc, please apply here.