The deadline for this competition was 1 June 2018. Applications are no longer possible.

This is your chance to join a unique wolf conservation expedition to Germany with Biosphere Expeditions.

Biosphere Expeditions is offering a free place on its Germany wolf expedition. And there’s more: next to the expedition prize, there are also Biosphere Expeditions experience days to be won.

All you have to do is be prepared to muck in on a hands-on conservation project and tell us who you are, why we should take you on and what you think you can contribute to the expedition.

Biosphere Expeditions is an award-winning, non-profit-making organisation offering international expeditions involving hands-on wildlife conservation volunteering and adventure-with-a-purpose for everyone. We bridge the gap between scientists at the forefront of conservation in need of funds and helpers, and enthusiastic laypeople, who in their holiday time want to support them through hands-on assistance as citizen scientists and with their expedition contribution. The wolf conservation expedition is only one example out of many, such as leopards in South Africa, whales & dolphins on the Azores or snow leopards in the Tien Shan.

Participate in a wolf conservation expedition to Germany

This wolf volunteering expedition will take you to the beautiful lowlands of Lower Saxony, a federal state in northern Germany, to help monitor and protect the returning wolf population. Working in small teams mainly around the famously picturesque Lüneburger Heide (Lüneburg Heath), you will record signs of wolf presence such as tracks, kills, and survey prey species such as deer and wild boar. You will also camera-trap the animals and collect samples to study wolf diet and for genetic analysis. The expedition base is a charming guesthouse with all modern amenities, right on the edge of the Lüneburg Heath.

More information about the expedition, pictures, videos, etc.

Experience day

Experience days are just what they say they are: days that will give you a unique insight into what it’s like to be in the field with Biosphere Expeditions assisting scientists with wildlife research and conservation. They are set amongst the beautiful scenery of a national park or protected area, where you will be part of a small team, alongside a park ranger or nature guide, and your expedition leader. You will discover expedition and wildlife research and conservation skills such as working with a map, GPS and compass, collecting important animal data, reading animal tracks and signs, using telemetry equipment and wildlife camera traps. You will also learn about the area you are in, its fauna and flora, history and the conservation work going on inside.

More information about experience days

You have two options of putting in an application. Either send us an essay (max. 100 words) or a video clip (max. 1 minute), which you can easily create yourself (for example using the movie setting of your digital camera) and upload to a video sharing site (for example YouTube). If you are not familiar with how to use YouTube, then have a look at this short guide.

Whichever option you go for, we would like to know from you who you are, why we should take you on and what you think you can contribute to the expedition.

Note that Biosphere Expeditions organises serious research & conservation expeditions, not luxury or sports or party holidays. With this in mind our competitions are no "Pop Idol"-style castings events where you need to sing, dress up or otherwise make a fool out of yourself. We would like to get to know you as much as possible within the above remit, so just be yourself!

The application deadline is 1 June 2018.

Entry is open to anyone 18 years or over except employees of Biosphere Expeditions and NABU, as well as their immediate families. Applicant data will be shared amongst the these partners, but not with anyone else. There is no cash alternative in whole or part and prizes are not transferable, nor do they include travel arrangements to the in-country assembly point. The judges' decision is final. By participating in the competition, you accept these terms & conditions.