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Reef Check   Marine Conservation Society

This is your chance to join a unique citizen science SCUBA diving coral reef conservation expedition.

In partnership with Reef Check and the Marine Conservation Society, Biosphere Expeditions is offering a free place on either its expedition to Musandam (Oman) or the Maldives. And there’s more: in addition to the expedition prize, there are other prizes from Reef Check and the Marine Conservation Society to be won.

You have to be a qualified diver (minimum PADI Open Water or equivalent). You also have to be prepared to muck in on a hands-on conservation project, not a luxury dive holiday. If this is you, then tell us who you are, why we should take you on and what you think you can contribute to the diving expedition.

The deadline for this competition was 1 July 2019. Applications are now no longer possible.

Main prize: participate in a Reef Check expedition of your choice

The winner can select freely from Biosphere Expeditions' the reef diving expeditions to Musandam (Oman) or the Maldives. The selection has to be made within 15 months of winning the prize. 


Consolation prize: Reef Check pack

Consisting of T-shirt, hat and beach towel.

Reef Check Pack


Consolation prize: Marine Conservation Society pack

Consisting of shirt from their clothing range and membership of the MCS for one year.

MCS pack

You have two options of putting in an application. Either send us an essay (max. 100 words) or a video clip (max. 1 minute), which you can easily create yourself (for example using the movie setting of your digital camera) and upload to a video sharing site (for example YouTube). If you are not familiar with how to use YouTube, then have a look at this short guide.

Whichever option you go for, we would like to know from you who you are, why we should take you on and what you think you can contribute to the expedition.

Note that Biosphere Expeditions organises serious research & conservation expeditions, not luxury or sports or party holidays. With this in mind our competitions are no "Pop Idol"-style castings events where you need to sing, dress up or otherwise make a fool out of yourself. We would like to get to know you as much as possible within the above remit, so just be yourself!

The deadline for this competition was 1 July 2019. Applications are now no longer possible.

The deadline for this competition was 1 July 2019. Applications are now no longer possible.

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Biosphere Expeditions is an award-winning, non-profit-making organisation offering international expeditions involving hands-on wildlife conservation volunteering and adventure-with-a-purpose for everyone. We bridge the gap between scientists at the forefront of conservation in need of funds and helpers, and enthusiastic laypeople, who in their holiday time want to support them through hands-on assistance as citizen scientists and with their expedition contribution. The marine and coral reef conservation diving expeditions are only one example out of many, such as leopards in South Africa, whales & dolphins on the Azores or snow leopards in the Tien Shan mountains.

Founded in 1996, the Reef Check Foundation exists to help preserve the oceans and reefs which are critical to our survival, yet are being destroyed. With headquarters in Los Angeles and volunteer teams in more than 90 countries and territories, Reef Check works to protect tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs through education, research and conservation. All Biosphere Expeditions' diving projects follow the Reef Check methodology of collecting and analysing data on reef health. The lead scientist on the Malaysia expedition is from Reef Check Malaysia.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the voice for everyone who loves the sea. They work to secure a future for our living seas, and to save our threatened marine wildlife before it is lost forever. The lead scientist on the Oman and Maldives expeditions is from the MCS.

Entry is open to anyone 18 years or over except employees of Biosphere Expeditions, Reef Check, the Marine Conservation Society and their immediate families. Applicant data will be shared amongst the three partners Biosphere Expeditions, MCS and Reef Check, but not with anyone else. There is no cash alternative in whole or part and prizes are not transferable, nor do they include travel arrangements to the in-country assembly point. The judges' decision is final. By participating in the competition, you accept these terms & conditions.