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The coronavirus crisis affects us all. Our partners are hard hit by lack of funding and helpers. Yet conservation efforts must continue despite, and even because of, the very difficult circumstances. This is why we have started this appeal to help get our local conservation partners through this crisis. What they need is detailed below and you can specify which effors you would like your funds to go towards. Please give generously!


ARABIA (sand gazelle) – total ask EUR 5,000 / total raised EUR 250
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Appeal for and text from our local partner Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR)

"The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) is funded through visitor entry fees, which have collapsed, because the reserve is now closed to visitors. As part of the Arabian sand gazelles monitoring programme this year, we planned to purchase GSM-GPS collars (EUR 1,750 each) to study gazelle ecological requirements. Please help us to raise funds for four collars for better management of the reserve and the species." Donate now


ARMENIA (Persian leopard, lynx, bear, wolf) - total ask EUR 4,500 / total raised EUR 2,760
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Appeal for and text from our local partner NABU (nature conservation association) Armenia

"2020 was to be our inaugural year with citizen scientists from all over the world helping us with our work. They will now not be able to come to Armenia, which is a great shame. Still, we will not stand still, because we will not abandon our wildlife and wild places. We will use the year to run a reduced project with local staff and rangers, conducting preliminary research work and getting even more ready for the arrival of our international helpers, who will now come a year later, in 2021. For our skeleton project we need EUR 1,500 for logistics, EUR 1,000 for ranger wages (all other staff time will be volunteered), and EUR 2,000 for camera traps. Please can you support our endeavour so that we can continue protecting Armenia's biodiversity!" Donate now


COSTA RICA (sea turtles) - total ask EUR 6,500 / total raised EUR 4,000
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Appeal for and text from our local partner Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST)

"The main threat for our sea turtle nesting beaches is through illegal poaching. But COVID-19 has stopped us dead in our tracks and we currently have just our key local staff of one biologist and two research assistants struggling to patrol 7 km of beach to save as many nests as possible. But our funding, which comes from expedition contributions, is now lacking too, so we are struggling to pay our local staff. Therefore, we are trying to raise EUR 6,500 urgently this year (for example EUR 300 provide a staff member with three meals a day for one month, EUR 600 pay for a month of boat transportation, EUR 600 pays a month’s salary for one local patroller, EUR 900 pays a month’s salary for the biologist). If we cannot raise this soon, then it is likely that 100% of all eggs and nests will be taken by poachers and sold on the black market, which would be a devastating blow to sea turtle conservation. Please help as much as you can!" Donate now  Read field update

KENYA (Big Five and African biodiversity) - total ask EUR 9,000 / total raised EUR 3,488
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Appeal for and text from our local partner Enonkishu Conservancy

"At Enonkishu, operating costs have been sustained by a tourism levy for visitors to the conservancy. Through COVID-19, this income has now collapsed to zero. Effective immediately, rangers have consigned to working for half wages. Without rangers in the field and with the devastating effects of increased poverty to come as COVID-19 ravages Kenya, it is expected that communities will resort to collection of natural resources including poaching for bushmeat. We at Enonkishu applaud the loyalty of the rangers in their commitment to protect wildlife, but it is heartbreaking that the conservancy cannot provide the income they have relied on for years. This will affect the livelihood of the rangers and trickle down to their families unless we can raise EUR 9,000 to sustain ranger wages for the rest of 2020. If we fail, rangers will lose their jobs, which will significantly increase the vulnerability of wildlife in our area. Please help us to protect our haven of biodiversity in this time of crisis!" Donate now


MALAWI (elephant and African biodiversity) - total ask EUR 9,000 / total raised EUR 1,026
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Appeal for and text from our local partner Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

“The Lilongwe Wildlife Trust operates a research camp within the Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve in northern Malawi. Funding from our partnership with Biosphere Expeditions is crucial to maintaining the critical conservation efforts in and around the Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve site - which is home to one of Malawi's most significant elephant populations. Even without the expedition in 2020, which is a already a great loss to our conservation research efforts, conservation education and community work in the area must continue. For example, we need to continue to pay our community scouts (EUR 4,000 are needed for this) so that they can continue to gather data on the status of endangered species and track poaching incidents. We also need to continue to run our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit (EUR 5,000 are needed for this) so that it can respond to emergencies such as removing life-threatening snares from wild animals. Without this funding, efforts to combat wildlife crime and conserve the site's precious biodiversity will be severely impacted. This is particularly worrying given that financial hardship linked to the impact of COVID-19 on commodity prices in local markets may push more people into illegal activities, such as encroaching on the park and/or engaging in poaching for bushmeat and ivory. Please help us to protect our elephants and other wildlife during these very challenging times!” Donate now


THAILAND (elephant) – total ask EUR 5,500 / total raised EUR 505
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Appeal for and text from our local partner Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

“Our project at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary is fully funded through our visitor and citizen science programme, which we usually run throughout the year. Through the effects of COVID-19, this funding has now all but gone. But we will still need to provide for our elephants. To do this, we need to raise EUR 5,500 to help us cover the cost of keeping our elephants and the cost of feeding them over this coming dry season. Please help us where you can!" Donate now


AZORES (whales & dolphins) - total ask EUR 2,000 / total raised EUR 2,000
Fully funded, thank you!
Appeal for and text from our local partner Whale Watch Azores

"Because of COVID-19 our citizen scientists cannot make it to the Azores this year. This is a disaster as continuous data collection is essential for effective protection of the whales and dolphins that are either resident in or pass through Azorean waters during their migrations. EUR 2,000 will enable us to run a skeleton expedition with local crew only. This money is for boat costs only (all time will be volunteered). Please give generously, if you can, to put us on the water and ensure that essential data are being gathered during this time of crisis too and that our whales and dolphins are not forgotten!" Read expedition diary


GERMANY (wolf) – total ask EUR 4,500 / total raised EUR 4,500
Fully funded, thank you!
Appeal for and text from our local partner Peter Schuette and his fellow wolf commissioners

“Even without a citizen science expedition in 2020, we are determined to continue gathering important wolf monitoring data in Lower Saxony. This is because there continues to be a distinct lack of knowledge about wolf territories and genetic relationships, which is important for wolf conservation in Germany. A minimal monitoring campaign with local staff and helpers only will cost EUR 1,500 for board and lodging and EUR 3,000 for equipment, expenses, vehicle and fuel. Please help us to keep wolf conservation in the heart of Europe going despite the calamity!” Read expedition diary


MALDIVES (coral reefs) - total ask EUR 3,000 / total raised EUR 3,000
Fully funded, thank you!
Appeal for and text from our local partner Reef Check Maldives

"Reef Check Maldives is a Maldivian NGO founded by graduates of the Biosphere Expeditions placement programme. We are in the lucky position that we can continue monitoring the reefs that form the very foundations of our nation, even if there is no expedition in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis. But without the expedition, we have to raise funding for this. All our time is volunteered, but we need EUR 1,500 for boat hire and fuel, EUR 500 each for equipment and teaching materials, as well as EUR 500 for a training programme so that we can train more of our local compariots to become Reef Checkers to help collect data and make conservation recommendations to government. Please help us protect our reefs even if the coronavirus emergency prevents the 2020 expedition!"


TIEN SHAN (snow leopard) – total ask EUR 3,500 / total raised EUR 3,500
Fully funded, thank you!

Appeal for and text from our local partner NABU (nature conservation association) Kyrgyzstan

“Thank you so much to Biosphere Expeditions for organising this appeal! We require EUR 3,500 for our community monitoring group, set up with the help of Biosphere Expeditions over the last few years, who will be able to continue monitoring for snow leopards even in the likely absence of a citizen science expedition in 2020. In detail the costs are EUR 1,500 for wages for 10 months, EUR 500 for expenses such as fuel, equipment and food, and EUR 1,500 for an extra ten camera traps. Please support our local staff and helpers so that we can continue our snow leopard conservation work even in the face of the coronavirus crisis!" Read expedition diary


BIOSPHERE EXPEDITIONS operational costs – total ask EUR 7,500 / total raised EUR 7,500
Fully funded, thank you!

"Please help us survive the crisis without redundancies or having to reduce staff hours. For this we need an additional EUR 7,500 for 2020 so that our junior staff do not have to suffer. All senior staff are between a 50% pay cut or are working for free until we have weathered the storm."



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