After the successful fundraiser for our local conservation partners (€ 50,000 raised) and our Biosphere Expeditions survival appeal to get us through the pandemic (€ 30,000 raised), please now give to our third and final fundraiser connected to the coronavirus pandemic: 

In some of our expedition countries, vaccines are an expensive luxury. We want to make sure that all our local support staff and helpers (and their immediate family) are vaccinated and need € 4,500 to achieve this. All donations - large or small - are very welcome and highly appreciated.


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Please transfer your donation to Biosphere Expeditions, account number 813473291, BSB 802-985, Transferwise, 36-38 Gipps Street, Collingwood 3066, Australia. Note that we cannot accept cheques.

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Note on tax-efficient giving

Depending on your country of residence and the account you give to, your donation may be tax-deductible (for example donations to our US 501(c)(3) charity, or our German e.V. charity, where we can issue tax-deductible receipts or German "Spendenbescheinigungen"). If you have any questions about tax-efficient giving, please just get in touch.


The coronavirus epidemic was declared a pandemic in March 2020. From then on, no more expeditions ran. Almost immediately, in April 2020, we started to run a fundraiser that was all about getting our local conservation partners through the crisis. This ran until the end of 2020 and raised €50,000 thanks to the generosity of many donors (see their honour roll below). An overview of what this money achieved is on our blog.

In February 2021 we announced that there would be no expeditions in that year either. This meant that there was to be next to no income for us for close to two years. With this, our survival was at stake, so we started our own survival appeal, which ran until October 2021. Once again many generous donors (many of them repeat donors from the coronavirus fundraiser - see the honour roll below) stepped up and we were able to raise € 30,000 to ensure our survival through the crisis. 


"It is thanks to the people below that we were able to help our partners and ourselves weather the storm. All of us at Biosphere Expeditions cannot thank these generous donors enough. It is our pleasure to honour them publicly via this honour roll." Dr Matthias Hammer, Executive Director.

The following contributed to our fundraiser for local partners (€ 50,000 raised)

H Agner (Germany)
S Amos (UK)
N Barber (UK)
C Beisel (Germany)
H Below (Germany)
M Benner (Germany)
J Benz (Germany)
S Birkholz (Germany)
K Blecker (Germany)
J Blomgren (USA)
S Bollinger (Switzerland)
S Bordier (UK)
D Bownan (Australia)
K Bunting (UK)
R Charters (UK)
A Collins (UK)
H Coogan (UK)
J Craven (UK)
S Dittmann (Germany)
A Down (France)
S Dräger (Germany)
U Dräger (Germany)
J Dutz (Germany)
V Ellenrieder (Germany)
J England (UK)
J Evans (China)
U F (Germany)
I Fritz (Germany)
A Geimer (Germany)
M Gilbert (USA)
A Giles (Germany)
T Gillon (UK)
J Gödecke (Germany)
N Goodall (UK)
P Goodman (UK)
J Graser (Germany)
A Guth (Germany)
K Haan (USA)
I Hellwig (Germany)
M Herold (Germany)
J Hill (USA)
G Hodgson (UK)
D Hofmeister (Germany)
G Hogben (UK)
S Hughes (USA)
G Humphreys (UK)
C Hurfar (Germany)
B Hussey (UK)
J Ignorek
T John (Germany)
A Kasseckert (Germany)
L Kennedy (USA)
K Klatt (Germany)
G Koßmann (Germany)
S Lahtinen (Finland)
T Lanigan (Ireland)
D Lansch (Germany)
C Lee (South Africa)
P Löbel (Germany)
J Long (USA)
A Mätzig (Germany)
M Mannaert (Germany)
R Meloni (Switzerland)
K Melrose (UK)
T Merrie (UK)
A Morris (UK)
A Munkel (Germany)
U Pamler (Germany)
C Peffer (Luxembourg)
H Pekkarinen Rieppo (Sweden)
P Pilbeam (UK)
P Poley (Germany)
J Polson (UK)
A Prelle (Germany)
P Ransome (UK)
J Rawnsley (UK)
B Rees (UK)
N Rice (UK)
G Risbirdger (UK)
M Roberts (UK)
F Rohart (Germany)
A Rohlf (Germany)
S Rowling (UK)
J Rüdenauer (Germany)
M Sax (Germany)
C Schneid (China)
S Schöttle (Germany)
J Schweitzer (USA)
P Serail (Netherlands)
N Seshadri JAPAN
M Shepstone (USA)
K Silverthorne (UK)
M Simpson (UK)
J Skinner (UK)
O Soubreyand (France)
M ten Veldhuis (Netherlands)
N Thobois (France)
P Thoem (Canada)
V Thürey (Germany)
J Tondu (USA)
G Treherne THE (Netherlands)
L Trudel (USA)
R Tunstall (UK)
R Vlak (Netherlands)
E Westbrook (USA)
T Whaley (Germany)
S White (China)
L Wiedemann (Germany)
A Wienhöfer (Germany)
M Zuckert (Germany)
and anonymous donors

The following contributed to our Biosphere Expeditions survival appeal (€ 30,000 raised)

H Agner (Germany)
L Bailey (Canada)
C Beisel (Germany)
H Below (Germany)
A Berendts (Netherlands)
S Berger (Austria)
S Birkholz (Germany)
J Biekehör (Germany)
R Boughton (Hong Kong)
D Bownan (Australia)
K Bradley UAE
R Bunce (UK)
K Bunting (UK)
U Burkhardt (Germany)
C Cockburn (UK)
J Collins (UK)
A Coogan (UK)
S Daugherty (USA)
A Dean (UK)
A Deegan (USA)
J Dhawal (UK)
U Dräger (Germany)
E Durell (Germany)
V Ellenrieder (Germany)
K Engelhardt (Germany)
J Evans (China)
M Fink-Schneider (Germany)
A Geimer (Germany)
V George (Germany)
M Gilbert (USA)
N Goodall (UK)
B Gowdy (USA)
D Gunz (Switzerland)
D Hahn (Germany)
B Henning (Germany)
M Herold (Germany)
E Hess (USA)
M Hiklemeier (Germany)
J Hill (USA)
D Hofmeister (Germany)
B Hussey (UK)
P Joiner (USA)
U Klingner (Germany)
K Klatt (Germany)
G Koßmann (Germany)
A Krimmel (Germany)
U Kürsten (Germany)
D Lansch (Germany)
L Lynch (USA)
S Macharg (UK)
S Mehnert (Germany)
R Meloni (Switzerland)
M Mucke (Germany)
K Penkuhn (Germany)
P Pilbeam (UK)
S Pinson (Australia)
A Prelle (Germany)
C Ramirez (USA)
P Ransome (UK)
B Rees (UK)
M Roberts (UK)
S Salih (France)
H Scharpff (Germany)
R Schauls (Luxembourg)
J Schweitzer (USA)
C Scroope (Australia)
K Silverthorne (UK)
B Singer (Canada)
R Skybey (Australia)
H Stecher (Austria)
S Strohschein (Germany)
B Styner (Canada)
S Sultanova (USA)
M ten Veldhuis (Netherlands)
S Thiede (Germany)
P T (Canada)
A Tilekeev (USA)
G Treherne (Netherlands)
A van Eck (Netherlands)
R Vlak (Netherlands)
T Volk (Germany)
C Wates (UK)
Ormskirk Clocktower Rotary (UK)
and anonymous donors