Thank you for your interest in helping with African wildlife conservation projects

Biosphere Expeditions is a multi-award-winning, not-for-profit, participatory wildlife conservation organisation, offering adventure-with-a-purpose for everyone through international expeditions for wildlife volunteers to work hands-on in wildlife conservation as citizen scientists.

Biosphere Expeditions’ citizen science is for people from all walks of life who want to help support and conserve the biosphere that we all live in. If this sounds like you, you can simply use the money and time you might spend on an ordinary holiday and put it to good effect by coming to work on one of Biosphere Expeditons' wildlife voluntourism projects.

You can join our volunteer vacations for anything from a weekend to several months and at least two-thirds of your wildlife conservation volunteer holiday contribution will go directly into the wildlife conservation project locally, funding it long-term and sustainably.

Biosphere Expeditions has the following African wildlife conservation projects:

  • MALAWI | Cats, elephants, primates et al. | September/October | 13 days
    African biodiversity survey of cats, elephants, primates and others in Malawi
  • KENYA | Big Five and others | February | 13 days
    Big Five and African biodiversity protection in the Maasai Mara, Kenya
  • SOUTH AFRICA | Leopards & biodiversity | December | 13 days
    Survey of leopards, caracals & Cape biodiversity in the fynbos Cape mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site of South Africa