Thank you for considering to support Biosphere Expeditions through our affiliates network. Whatever the affiliate and our arrangement with them, commissions and perks gained from you using their services will always be ploughed back into our research and conservation work and to benefit our local partners wherever possible.

Travel insurance

All expedition team members must have travel insurance, but many insurers are scared off by the word "expedition" (although statistically going on expedition is far safer than doing DIY at home!). Biosphere Expeditions works with a number of insurers and brokers in various countries who will be pleased to help. When speaking to them, please make sure you mention Biosphere Expeditions.

 Campbell Irvine

For those based in the UK. Please mention Biosphere Expeditions when making a purchase.


For those based in Germany. Click on the logo above. Your purchases will then be assigned to the Biosphere Expeditions account.

Travel services

Team Travel

For those based in North America who would like help with making travel arrangements to their expedition, contact Donna Evans, phone (303) 400-0852, [email protected].

The list above is by no means exhaustive. If you have made a good experience with a supplier and think they should be listed on here, please get in touch to let us know.