Our affiliates these days are just a couple of insurance companies. Commissions and perks gained from you using their services will always be ploughed back into our research and conservation work and to benefit our local partners wherever possible.

All expedition team members must have travel insurance, but many insurers are scared off by the word "expedition" (although statistically going on expedition is far safer than doing DIY at home!). Biosphere Expeditions works with a couple of insurers who will be pleased to help. When speaking to them, please make sure you mention Biosphere Expeditions.

 Campbell Irvine

For those based in the UK. Please mention Biosphere Expeditions when making a purchase.


For those based in Germany. Click on the logo above. Your purchases will then be assigned to the Biosphere Expeditions account.


Notes for those outside the UK or Germany


Please remember that it is compulsory that you are in possession of a suitable travel insurance policy which covers you fully for the adventurous activities detailed in this dossier, and provides cover for medical treatment and, if necessary, emergency medical repatriation. We also very strongly recommend that you obtain cancellation insurance that covers you for any fees payable in case you have to withdraw from the expedition for any reason. These fees can be substantial, so make sure you understand our terms & conditions on the subject and make sure that you purchase adequate insurance now.

There is a very great variety of insurers offering all sorts of covers depending on where you live, how old you are, what you want to do etc. It is impossible for us to know them all or make recommendations.

As such, the text in the dossier is only a guideline, no more, as is this page. In the end, we can only tell you what we think you should have and you need to decide yourself what kind of cover you want and need for yourself.

 We regret we cannot be more specific, but insurance is an ever-changing and very personal matter that only you can decide for yourself.