This expedition volunteering in Slovakia will take you to a little-known part of the Slovakian Carpathian mountains to monitor lynx, wolf & bear populations and their interrelationship with prey species. Based in a cosy and comfortable mountain chalet, you will be part of a small international team, working with the local scientist and contributing to an important piece of research. You will track large carnivores through snow in the forest and meadow habitats of the mountains (using snow shoes, which are easy to use) and you may be involved in capturing and radio-collaring them. You will also learn how to recognise and record other signs of their presence, such as radio telemetry signals, scats and scent markings, camera trap them, collect samples to study their diet and for genetic analysis, and survey prey species. All in an effort to create a sustainable future for these icons of the Carpathian wilderness and to promote greater understanding of their role in European ecosystems.

“I loved volunteering in Slovakia and working with people with different backgrounds and experiences, being challenged with walks in the snowy mountains and navigating yourself  – an unforgettable experience!”   more testimonials