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Biosphere Expeditions is proud to network with and be supported by many organisations.

Global corporate

Our global corporate partners are crucial in reducing our running and expedition costs (for example by providing Land Rover vehicles, high-quality Swarovski optical equipment from or Motorola two-way radios and cellular phones) so that we can spend the lion's share of two-thirds or more of your expedition contribution directly on the project in hand.


Biosphere Expeditions - supported by Swarovski Optik. Swarovski Optik is a world leader in the manufacture of precision & premium sports optics and supports Biosphere Expeditions with Swarovski binoculars, telescopes, range finders, image intensifiers and optronic devices, as well as sponsorship and other back-up. [more]


Motorola, makers of radio and other communications equipment, provide all important rugged and reliable communication tools such as handheld and vehicle radios, mobile and satellite phones, as well as sponsorship and other communications and logistical in-country back-up.

Local corporate


Buff®, makers of the original multifunctional headwear, support our expedition teams by kindly providing custom-designed Buffs.


Ripe, producers of local, organic food in the UAE, kindly supplies our Arabian desert expedition with wholesome, healthy, vegetarian food.


Stormsaver, the the UK market leader in the design and manufacture of rainwater harvesting systems, kindly supported our efforts in big cat conservation and education of local children in Namibia.

Science partners

Biosphere Expeditions works with a host of science and other partners. Below are just a few of them.

United Nations Environment Programme


World Conservation Monitoring Centre

International Coral Reef Action Network

Fundación Cayos Cochinos
Honduras Coral Reef Fund

Whale Watch Azores
Whale Watch Azores

Department of Oceanography and Fisheries
(Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas)
University of the Azores

The Snow Leopard Conservancy
Sonoma, California

Projeto Puma
Projeto Puma

Reef Check
Reef Check






We gratefully acknowledge the support of the European Outdoor Conservation Association for our Caprivi human-predator conflict expedition in Namibia and our snow leopard project in the Altai mountains. 

Waterloo Foundation

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Waterloo Foundation for our Musandam coral reef project.

Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants
We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants for our various projects in the Middle East.

We gratefully acknowlege Cannon Australia's support of our marsupial expedition to Western Australia.

Six Senses

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Six Senses Resorts & Spas for our Musandam coral reef and Maldives coral reef & whale shark projects.

Anglo-Omani Society

The Anglo-Omani Society kindly funds scholarship places on our Musandam coral reef expedition.


Vascutek kindly funds scholarship places on our snow leopard expeditions.

Yves Rocher Foundation
The Yves Rocher Foundation kindly supports our efforts in big cat conservation in Namibia.


We gratefully acknowledge the support of IdeaWild in providing camera traps to our large cat project in Namibia.


In November 2007, the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) launched a region-wide campaign aimed at improving and increasing business use of information and communications technology called the takeITon campaign. We gratefully acknowledge support from this campaign. pdf More details 107.94 Kb.



Our premium media partners are

Land der Berge Magazin



Biosphere Expeditions also has a network of affiliates. Whatever the affiliate and our arrangement withthem, commissions and perks gained from you using their services willalways be ploughed back into our research and conservation work and tobenefit our local partners wherever possible. For example, we will usecredits accumulated through Amazon to supply our local scientists withbooks and other research materials, or use commissions gained fromflight partners to enable our local scientists to travel to conferencesand other scientific meetings.

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