Are there any tangible outcomes from the work I do?

A great many - to name but a few examples, Biosphere Expeditions’ work has been instrumental in preventing a wolf cull in Poland, generating a National Park in the Ukraine, a snow leopard protection corridor in central Asia, devising sustainable uses of natural spectacles such as macaw gatherings at clay licks in Peru, integrating local communities into successful and sustainable models of lion, leopard and cheetah conservation in Africa, preventing human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka, etc., etc. The list goes on and on top of this there is now a whole library of scientific expedition reports, publications, presentations, etc., all geared towards one goal – benefiting species and habitats under threat and creating a sustainable biosphere in which all parts can thrive and exist.

Have a look at for an overview of tangible outcomes to date from conservation successes to local capacity-building and employment creation.