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Will it be for me?

Is it for me?


First of all, if you are not sure, then simply join one of our taster days, which are for those who would like to dip into expedition life at home first, before committing to the real thing. Taster days will give you a unique insight into what it’s like to be in the field with Biosphere Expeditions assisting scientists with wildlife research and conservation. Or come to one of our events to speak with us in person.

The people who then commit to join us in the field are those who care enough to become actively involved, those who want to come home and tell their friends not just what they saw, but also what they have done about it. Our experiences are real scientific research expeditions, not package holidays, and the way they are run reflects this. You will be living, breathing and sleeping on expedition air, working and sharing in our vision. And if you go to your bed tired out after a day's work, then that will only make the experience more enriching, the memories stronger, and the sense of fulfilment more real. So if you are looking for an adventure with a conscience and a sense of purpose, unlike any tourist or ecotourist will ever have, then Biosphere Expeditions is for you.

Am I too old/young/unfit?


Not in a million years! We are all about being inclusive, so you are never too old or too young, or not fit enough. Have a look at the experiences we offer and pick one that you think is realistically achievable for you. If you are in any doubt, contact us for more details on what it's going to be like and for advice on whether it will be right for you. Oh, and just to put your mind at rest, our oldest expedition team member so far was 87.

How good does my English have to be?


Our taster days and events are conducted in the language of the country they are held in. Otherwise team members come from all over the world, so English is our main language of communication. If, with the help of a dictionary and a little patience, you can understand what we are talking about on this website, then don't worry - you'll be fine.

Do I need special skills and/or fitness?


There are no special skills (biological or otherwise) at all required to join our expeditions and there are no age limits whatsoever. If you are disabled, please contact us to find out about the suitability of the experience of your choice. If you are healthy and enjoy the outdoors, your fitness level will be sufficient in most cases.

Who else will be with me?


We only operate small teams of around 10-12 team members to maximise research efficiency and minimise impact. Team members are from all walks of life, of all ages and from all over the world (see the profiles of our team members over the last few years below), and they all share the same vision that made them choose the same project as you. 


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What's the accommodation and level of comfort like?


On our projects and expeditions across the world, the accommodation we use is always locally owned and varies between very comfortable African guest farms, to Amazon lodge research centres, to full blown expedition base tent camps. Whatever the accommodation, we never run 'hardcore' survival courses or anything of that sort. We feel strongly that our team members need to be well fed and comfortable in order to be motivated and efficient research assistants!

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