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Expeditions & availability

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*Expedition contributions are excluding flights, as per group dates shown and quoted in £ as well as the approximate € | US$ | AU$ equivalents. Try the XE currency converter for other currencies and up to date exchange rates.

There is also more information about the expedition contribution and where the money goes.

Experience days (Schnuppertage) & availability

    Status      Dates     Places left
    Sign up
AUSTRALIA (all experience days are A$ 95 per person)    
Melbourne     Red     16 Oct 2016     no places left     Sign up now    
Sydney     Red     23 Oct 2016     no places left     Sign up now    
DEUTSCHLAND (alle Schnuppertage einheitlich € 65 pro Person)    
Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer     Rot     24. April 2016     keine Plätze frei     Jetzt anmelden    
Kellerwald-Edersee     Rot     10. Jul 2016     keine Plätze frei     Jetzt anmelden    
Unteres Odertal     Rot     17. Jul 2016     keine Plätze frei     Jetzt anmelden    
Eifel     Rot     7. Aug 2016     keine Plätze frei     Jetzt anmelden    
Berchtesgaden     Grün     25. Sep 2016     >5 Plätze frei     Jetzt anmelden    
UK (all experience days are £ 65 per person)    
New Forest     Red     19 Jun 2016     no places left     Sign up now    
Broads     Red     26 Jun 2016     no places left     Sign up now    
USA (all experience days are $ 95 per person)    
Minnewaska, NY     Red     15 May 2016     no places left     Sign up now    
Lory, CO     Red     22 May 2016     no places left     Sign up now    
Kings Canyon, CA     Red     29 May 2016     no places left     Sign up now    

Waiting list

Slots that are already full have waiting lists. You can go on one of these waiting lists by simply sending us an e-mail with your contact details and details of dates you would like to go on the waiting list for. If a place becomes available, we will go through the waiting list in the order that requests came in. 

Other dates

Expeditions run on the published dates only, usually only once a year. Expedition dates are published around 11 months in advance. As one expedition finishes, the dates for next year are published. Dates usually stay the same year-on-year, so if the expedition you are interested in runs in September one year, it is very likely to run on very similar dates again the year after. If you would like to be notified of dates as they come up, please just let us know.

Full status explanation - red / amber / green

Green: Expeditions of status green have spaces available.

Amber: Expeditions of status amber have few spaces available (or are currently in the field). To join them you need to decide soon.

Red: Expeditions of status red have no spaces available (or have already been to the field). If an expedition is full already, you have the option of going on a waiting list.


Match-funding: Many employers, particularly in the USA and Canada, but also elsewhere, will match fund charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses. In Biosphere Expeditions' case this means that your employer may match fund your expedition contribution payments and other donations you make to Biosphere Expeditions. Some employers also provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. > more

Personal taxation: Depending on the participant’s country of origin, a portion of your expedition contribution as well as additional personal funds needed around the expedition (such as food, lodging and transportation) may be tax-deductible. > more